Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tanner: Respect the RAIN

Photo by John Strauss
Nobody knows the bike Ride Across Indiana better than Dave Tanner, an Indiana University exercise physiologist who - as of today - has ridden in all 25 of them.

Tanner is a veteran of ultra-endurance events: the 3,000-mile Race Across America bike race, the Western States 100 mile run, several Ironman Triathalons, even the grueling swim completely around Manhattan island.

But the RAIN, a non-competitive bike ride from the Illinois state line in western Indiana to the Ohio line, still commands respect, he says.

"It doesn't matter whether you do it in seven hours or 14, it's still a long day and can be very painful," he said. "You have to have respect for the effort you're going to have to put in. Actually, this is my 25th one, and I'm nervous."

Tanner said the physical challenge is only the beginning.

"It's mostly just in your head, and after a while things don't hurt any more than they did at the beginning."

His advice: "You just keep going, and eventually you'll start to feel better. Just don't stop."

- John Strauss

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