Saturday, July 16, 2011

Keeping the streak: No. 25 for Tanner

Photo by Tim Underhill
Dave Tanner, the only person to have ridden in every year of the bike Ride Across Indiana, accepts his finishing medal and congratulations from volunteers at the RAIN finish line this afternoon in Richmond.

Tanner said this was his slowest finish in the 25 years he's ridden the 160-mile course. Organizers blamed 90-degree temperatures and a slightly longer route for longer times overall.

At Dunreith, Ind., just over 40 miles from the finish line, Tanner said he was in "survival mode," trying to keep his sights on the end of the ride.

Minutes after completing the event, the Bloomington man talked about why he continues to push himself to ride the punishing course each year: As tough as the road may be, he said, it's a break from the cares of the everyday world.

"You know, all those problems you have in the world? When they're not in front of you, you kind of forget them," he said.
- John Strauss

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